Two weeks ago we quietly released VideoDrive 3.4 with a ton of new features, tweaks and full compatibility with macOS Sierra. Now, we have fixed some of the inevitable smaller bugs that go along with a major release in version 3.4.01. So, now we can shout about it! Here’s an overview of what’s new:

  • Square Artwork: TV Shows just look better in iTunes and Apple TV with square artwork. So we have included that. All newly imported TV Shows will now get those nice square images for your viewing pleasure.
  • Automatic saving of metadata customisations: we removed the old system of Metadata Presets and replaced it with something brand new. If you now edit metadata in VideoDrive, it will be saved for later. Say you like the tweak a TV Show name, or use custom artwork, then VideoDrive will automatically remember these changes when you import new episodes later on.
  • Faster metadata: as soon as you queue a video, VideoDrive will start analysing the file and search online for matching metadata. So when you start importing the video, the found metadata will be shown much quicker. Even if you re-import those videos later again, the metadata will be retrieved from a local cache to improve performance.
  • Native notifications: we said goodbye to the old Growl notifications and finally embraced the native macOS Notification Center. This is a great way to be notified about queued and imported videos. If you don’t want the notifications, you can disable them in System Preferences -> Notifications -> VideoDrive.
  • macOS Sierra compatibility: clearly we couldn’t leave this one of the list. VideoDrive 3.4 is the first version that is fully compatible with macOS Sierra and its new security protocols.
  • Several updates, bug fixes and tweaks

That’s about it! Ooh, one last thing: if you already upgraded to macOS Sierra, you might want to download VideoDrive 3.4 from our site instead of using the inline updating mechanism. It doesn’t work on older versions of VideoDrive due to new security measurements.