This summer we’re releasing our 4th update to VideoDrive 3. This update will include four new main features and a beta is now available!

Square artwork. You wanted square artwork for your TV Shows, just like the shows in the iTunes store, so we’re finally including that! Also, you may have noticed that VideoDrive stopped downloading some artwork recently, we’re fixing that as well.

Speed.  When you’re dealing with a lot of videos, it can take a while for VideoDrive to process all metadata so we’re speeding things up. A lot! As soon as you’re queueing videos, VideoDrive will search for matching descriptions and artwork in the background. And we built a caching mechanism that will speed up future downloads. You’ll definitely notice huge performance improvements!

Metadata: Up until now you can save and reuse metadata using the built-in preset system, but it was never very obvious on how to use it. So we replaced it by something much smarter. If you now edit descriptions or artwork, VideoDrive will automatically save all customisations and apply them later on. Ideal for TV Show episodes!

Notification center: Messages in OS X Notification Center will inform you about new videos, queued videos or failed imports so you can easily find out what VideoDrive has been up to.

Want to take VideoDrive 3.4 for a test drive? You can download the beta version here! Note that this version is not digitally signed, so you should right-click it the first time you launch it to get passed the OSX security warning.

To celebrate this new version, we’re also having a summer sale with discounts up to 50%. The cheapest VideoDrive license is now €4,99 and the default personal license is €7.99. Check out our store now!