We’re happy to announce another big update to VideoDrive. Version 3.6 is here and we have some nice features for you. First of all, we now support keeping videos on the local network. If you have a NAS, a drive attached to your Airport Capsule or any other storage on your network, VideoDrive can store your videos there, while still having them in iTunes. Just head over to the File tab on Preferences to point VideoDrive to the desired location. When it’s time to add videos to iTunes, VideoDrive will mount the location if necessary, and move or copy the files over the network. Simple. And ideal if you want to keep your music on your local drive but have those big videos out of the way.

We also updated Hot Folders. Remember, these are magic folders that detect when a new video arrives on your Mac (by moving or downloading them) and queue them in VideoDrive. Before, we had regular Hot Folders and Silent ones that don’t launch VideoDrive. We got rid of those and instead have a new option in Preferences allows you to launch VideoDrive when a new video is queued. So basically, now you’ll be able to switch to silent mode on the fly, and this automatically applies to all your Hot Folders. And we also introduced a new option to disable creating Hot Folders of subfolders.

Finally, the Metadata Editor got a lot of attention. Besides TV Shows and Movies, you can now categorise videos as Home Videos, Music Videos and even iTunes U videos. And if you’re importing lot’s of videos, a new Copy button allows you to copy the metadata from one video to the next. This will save you some time if you want to assign the same metadata to multiple videos at once. And in case you previously made changes to the metadata descriptions or swapped the artwork, you can now easily reset those changes with a new Reset button. We even added some transparency to the Metadata Editor. Just because we could 😉

We also squashed 18 bugs, so all in all, this should be a great update. And as always, it’s free for all 3.x users. Download now.